A ViewPrague: at the centre of Europe

City (pop., 2001 est.: 1,178,576), capital of the Czech Republic. Situated on both sides of the Vltava River, the site was settled as early as the 9th century AD. By the 14th century it was one of Europe’s leading cultural and trade centres. It was the focal point of opposition to the Habsburgs in the early 17th century (see Defenestration of Prague). The treaty ending the Austro-Prussian War was signed there in 1866. It became the capital of an independent Czechoslovakia in 1918. Prague was occupied by Germany during World War II and by the U.S.S.R. and other Warsaw Pact military forces in 1968 (see Prague Spring). In 1989 it was the centre of a movement that led to the peaceful overthrow of the communist government. Prague is the country’s major economic and cultural centre, famous for its music, literature, and architecture.
For more information on Prague, visit http://www.Britannica.com.

What I enjoy about prague are the cafes. Smokey, tastey and very relaxed where dogs and cats groom each other as people sway around oblivious of the extremities of British hygiene rules.. it really makes you feel like you’ve escaped the wrath of what has become the oppression of life style in England.. here.. you get this sense of living… no nannies pointing fingers at you and, frankly, eroding your civil rights at every turn.picture-023.jpg

The Czech people are not particularly friendly. I can’t help comparing my experiences with Russia and the Balkan states, and, I have to say, The Czech republic is not friendly (sorry) but it is still quite a nice place to be. You don’t have any anonimity here as the city is full of tourists and I, as many Czech people obviously do, try to avoid the tourists as much as possible. The city has become a pool of American and British.. the American’s walking dreamily, confident, that being in Prague will bring some sense of europe to them.. but it generally doesn’t 😉 picture-023.jpg

So what to shoot here?

Charles Bridge? Church Of Our Lady? Dancing House? Golden Lane? Jewish Quarter? Klementinum? Mala Strana? Loreta? Old Town Hall? Old Town Clock?

The list goes on…. scrap them.. go and do something else:

Maybe like this:


Look up and you will see so many possibilities in Prague.

Old Town Square Clock Face Dances in prague