I find that ‘candid’ shots can come everyday if we pay attention to where we are and keep our camera close at hand. The following shots were all captured as they happened and I was not really in the right place at the right time, I was just paying attention to my surroundings and subjects.


There is so much happening these days: perspective is everything – and with the advent of digital photography becoming the norm, we can play a little with light, shade and colour in ways we had never even dreamed of:


This was shot as a model casually walked around a derelict building I was considering as a studio – we looked so lovely in here polker dots I just had to shoot her as she lingered at the windows.

There are also those special compositions that can capture the taste of a day – such as this shot of an artist at work on Prague’s bridge. Little did he know his cretaivity had created such a vivid picture of colour and life to my eyes.

When shooting a wedding, I also aim for those candid moments and try to capture a story in that instance of exchange between life and lense – here I wanted the generation to share the connection in a sense of fashion, style, and look.. I think Grannie G is incredibly cool and sophisticated here –

a wedding scene

A groom prepares for his last day of bachelor hood.



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