My Russian Lomo… I like fiddling, pointing and generally messing around with cameras. I am not a techno person and if you start blurtng out down stops, f wotsits and the like my eyes will glaze over as you numb me with utter boredom. Nobody cares about all that knowledge you’ve harvested – people care about your photographs. Not unless you are a technician… which I am not. However, if you tell me how you got a perfect shot, and how you felt, then I am your servant and will listen for hours to your stories.. the subtlety of light and the affect of moods, then I will feel I am speaking to a photographer not a geek.. that’s just me… I value artistic perspective.. don’t be afraid to be serious about yourself… it’s ok!!!

Of course, we can appreciate the advantages of one piece of kit to another but, one man’s wine is another man’s poison.

I use an S2 for portraiture and especially weddings.

The S2 is quite an old camera in the digital world, but to be honest, I have not come across anything that betters it for weddings – it has a film like quality to it’s images and the skin tones are just perfect – so good that I hardly use photoshop at all.

The Fuji S2 does have some tendency to under expose though, but once you’ve got used to it you can relax. I find that the following settings are good:

colour – org / standard size/ ISO 400 with flash / ISO 800 without seems to be the best settings thus far…. you might try sharp as well for image quality.

The camera interpolates inhouse to 12 million pixels, which is very useful. However, I subscribe the 6.5 million is all I need, which is usually the case. As such, I rarely shoot on th full fine setting – but it’s nice to know it’s there.

The Fuji S2 is housed in a Nikon D 80 Chassis. It’s a Nikon in aesthetic form and accepts all Nikon F mount and every AF Nikkor and most manual AI or AI-S Nikkor lenses. I use a Tamron AF55/200 for most of my work, which I am very happy with.

I like the fact that the Fuji S2 uses AA batteries. This allows for alot more freedom when on assignment. It can, however, be a bit annoying when the flash, which also has 4 seperate batteries starts to run down. Just make sure you have spares although camera life is exceptional.

Sorry to say my faithful Fuji S2 gave up and had a fatal stroke in the old sensorial area – dead.. a green haze flashed before the lense and we faded to black…

After 8 years of use should I complain… well… no.. it was the best portrait camera on the market, or it made me feel like the best portrait photographer, whichever presided over our love affair, there was a symbiosis I think I will struggle to find again..

So, it under exposed, threw me out sometimes… it never guaranteed perfection, but it produced, when everything was right, heavenly results and I will mourn her passing for many years..

What now? I really don’t know.. so will shop around.

I also use:

Lomo 135 circa 1975 Russian, spring wound, 35mm

Lomax Shot Spires<a

EOS 300D, 400D Canons

Holgo Medium Format Russian Toy Camera 🙂


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