If you are feeling creative, patient, and want to try something new with your Holga, you can adapt it easily to use 35mm film. The images will be something special and include the roll perforations

Holga adaption to 35mm

There are some companies selling an adapting kit for about 12 dollars!! You don’t need it.

Basically, you need the following:

– some scotch tape (maybe some scotch for a drink too)
– scissors
– elastic bands (not 100% required)
– two pieces of foam you can find from that old box the DVD player came in for example
– a little patience
– stay in low light.

Ready to rock n roll.

1. set the two pieces of foam in your camera on the left above and below the film roll. Make sure they sit tightly and hold the cartridge roll in place. Make sure that the film has the pointed side down.
2. pull the film across to the feed roll.
3. you can attach the film to the roll with a piece of tape
4. if you want to make sure the film really does not move, then wrap elastic bands at the top and bottom of the take up roll.
5. once attached wind the film on untill it is tight, say one full turn.
6. seal the camera and close, if you keep your thumb against the back of the camera, you’ll feel the film moving.
7. seal the camera with tape to avoid light spill
8. you are now holding an adapted medium format camera 🙂
9. wind it on 34 clicks and you are ready for your fisrt shot

NOTE: the film will process the whole of the 35mm and will include the perforations, so expect a few bemused looks form the processor when your films come back.
The difficult part is trying to understand how many shots you will have and where each exposure will be. Stick with about 34 clicks on your winder. After each shot manually count 34 clicks to the next exposure. As a rule of thumb this should work and get you about 25 shots.

The fun is in the process. You might get something amazing, unique, and special… you might get zilch but try it and let me know how you go.

Merry Xmas..